Thursday, November 29, 2007

What is Reel Inspiration?


Reel Inspiration is a grassroots, non-religious, apolitical organization created to encourage and promote the production and success of diverse films that inspire, give hope, or raise human consciousness.

THE IMPACT: Films have always had a huge impact on our society. At their best, films have the power to inspire, empower, enlighten, uplift, challenge and create change by reflecting the condition of our society and illuminating the issues of our times. We need more of these meaningful films.

THE BIZ: Filmmaking is a business. The cost of promoting films has skyrocketed, so studios need blockbusters to break even. The common misconception is that the only way to make money is to produce big event movies, remake current blockbusters, or to market movies towards a younger mind set. As a result, we have movies that are more about special effects, gross out humor and violence than good art and storytelling. Is this how we want our society reflected and our children influenced? You can make a difference.

THE CHALLENGE: Send a message to Hollywood by attending meaningful films on opening weekend (or at least while it's in it's first run.) Box Office numbers have a huge impact the film industry. You can help create a market for these films by sharing them with your friends. Join our grassroots campaign by becoming a REEL MEMBER. (There is no charge.) To become a REEL MEMBER and receive reviews of high quality, inspiring films, e-mail:

We invite filmmakers with distribution to submit their inspiring feature length narrative films to be considered for our grassroots promotional campaign. For guidelines, e-mail:

THE EDGE: Reel Inspiration hosts conferences and workshops to further develop the talents of those courageous filmmakers who choose to create films of substance. In 2005, we hosted the popular Reel Vision Filmmakers Conference in Tucson, AZ. COMING SOON: Reel Inspiration Directing Workshop: Working with Actors.

THE CELEBRATION: Reel Inspiration is proud to present a selection of the finalists of the 2004 Reel Inspiring Film Contest and the 2006 Pura Inspiracion Film Contest. We send our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to these filmmakers who chose to make movies about the good in the world. Look out for our upcoming Reel Inspiration film contest for filmmakers of all ages.

Reel Inspiration is about giving the movie audience another choice: films that leave us feeling hopeful about human potential. Films that inspire us to be heroes in our own lives. For more information on the contest or directing workshop, go to:


emidinkl said...

Thank you for finding me. I appreciate the work you are doing and cheer you on! I will visit you often here on blogger: )

Jen Kerlin said...

Nice blog. I love movies too. It actually took me awhile to
realize just how much... When I first joined Netflix
I rated almost one thousand movies without even thinking about it.
I saw What the Bleep in the theatre and I applaud you
for making it available. It was really wonderful to see it on a big screen. Films can be such a great
source of upliftment!