Friday, November 16, 2007

Political Thrillers Flop at Box Office

Tis the season for Oscar caliber films. Why is it that so many of the political thrillers are currently flopping at the box office? After a poor opening weekend, Entertainment Magazine wondered if Tom's Cruise's heavy hitter, "Lions for Lambs," could be "Mission Possible?" for opening after the star-studded, political thrillers, "Rendition" and "In the Valley of Elah" flopped. Why is the public avoiding political films this fall?

After explaining Reel Inspiration's goal to promote thought provoking films to a reporter, she asked why I wasn't recommending any of this season's political dramas on my blog . Good question. They are certainly thought provoking. In the Fall of 2005, I was thrilled that Entertainment Magazine did an article about the trend of Hollywood filmmakers towards making more meaningful films like, "Syriana," and " Good Night, and Good Luck," and later "Babel." After a Summer of sequels and remakes, I think the movie audience was ready for something deeper. Why the lack of interest this year? Why aren't I recommending political films?

To tell the truth, after watching their heavy handed, star-studded trailers, I didn't want to see these films. I feel hopeless and frustrated about how our country is being polarized by opposing views on the war. I don't want to be hit over the head with it at the theater as well. I don't need to be force fed the medicine no matter how good it is supposed to be for me. So, for now, I prefer to share films that bring us together, not separate us. Films that show that we're more alike than different.

After a seemingly endless summer of action flicks, My Big Greek Wedding became big breakout hit of 2002. Film goers were looking for something different, something funny with heart. What is the current climate of the movie going audience? Apparently, it's not political thrillers. Are we longing for escapism? An epic or fantasy that transports us to another time and place? A belly-buster comedy? A good romance?

As for me, I could use a good laugh and a good cry. How about both in the same movie? Give me a great story that moves me and let the medicine go down.

Movie Blessings,
Jana Segal
Reel Inspiration


Anonymous said...

It seems the movie audience was looking for something lighter. The high concept, very light and funny film, Enchanted, is number one at the box office.

Do you see any kind of pattern here?

Jana said...

Just what I needed! The Great Debaters is a movie that makes you cheer and cry! (Check out my review above.)