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Reel Inspiration Contest Winners Update.

Wonder what became of our Reel Inspiration Contest Winners? Here's what they're up to....

The 2004 Winners Reel has been screened at writers organizations, churches, schools, and the Arts Festivals around Tucson, AZ. All the winners were screened October 27 -28, 2007 to an appreciative audience at the Oro Valley ArtsFest. (See October archives for list of films.) Justin Mashouf (Morning Submission) represented the contest finalists on Arizona Illustrated.
Bill Kersey:
2004 RI Film Contest Winner for Garpenfargle
2004 RI Film Contest, Popular Choice Award for Solace
2006 PI Film Contest, Best Documentary, 87 Topaz
After playing the festival circuit around the world, Bill's award winning shorts are still popping up here and there. Garpenfargle recently played at CineGlobe in Switzerland.
Nicole Koschman's Black, White, and Yellow, (which Bill edited) was screened as part of the Loft's Cinema Lounge in Tucson, AZ. The short film, Life List (16 minutes) directed/produced by Tom Dunlap and edited/produced by Bill Kersey was also featured. Bill is currently editing another film.
For a complete list of Bill's screenings and awards or to watch his short films , go to:
Directed by Nicole Koschmann, Edited by Bill Kersey
BLACK, WHITE AND YELLOW is a compelling documentary look at racial identity, familial bonds and cultural differences. Growing up in a multi-racial family in three different countries, two sisters (one black, one white) struggle to define their own identities as well as their relationship with each other.
Black, White and Yellow won the 'Best of Arizona' award at the 2007 Arizona International Film Festival.LIFE LIST, an insightful and often humorous documentary, explores the world of birding by examining the philosophies and field behaviors of two master birders. It's been in several film festivals, including last year's AZ International Film Festival, and it won Best Documentary Short at the Northern Lights Film Festival in Massachusetts. It's been picked up by a short film distributor.

Derek Griffith
2004 RI Film Contest, Best of Tucson Award
Somebody Loves Me.

Derek writes,
"Somebody Loves Me," but not as much as Garpenfargle! Man, that was a classic film! Since that cool September night when that little white dog warmed the audience's heart, I have been working on several films that vary in an array of genres. From horror to comedy and from drama to musicals, I've dabbled in it all. Most recently, I'm working on a feature script entitled "Visors Down" that is a political-thriller depicting slanted political views. As I circulate my filmmaking-dabbling, I will once again cycle into a light-hearted comedy/drama in the vein of "Somebody Loves Me" but for now, I must plug away, plug away at my baby, "Visors Down".

For more on Derek, visit:

Muriel Stockdale,
2006 PI Film Contest, Cultural Diversity Award
New York City Spirit

Muriel Stockdale is an accomplished artist, writer, filmmaker, costume designer, and was a valued member of the teaching faculty at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Graduate Design Department for 14 years. She is completing a final draft of her second screenplay, Gabriel’s Flight, and she has won a commission to write the book for the musical version of the Indian epic myth, Ramayana. She is in pre-production on the feature length version of New York City Spirit.
New York City Spirit depicts a composite day in New York through rich and colorful images of New Yorkers practicing the diverse ways that they choose to connect to God or Spirit. The film travels through all five boroughs of New York City and presents an unbiased display of multiple cultural, religious and spiritual disciplines. It is about how individual New Yorkers choose to connect to a higher truth and meaning in everyday life.

Sarah Sher
2006 PI Film Contest, Best of Tucson
Have Coffin, Will Travel

Sarah Sher's film about Bisbee-based artist/activist Dale Clark, Traveling Coffin, has been picked up by Al Gore's TV Network, Current TV. Traveling Coffin -- originally titled Have Coffin, Will Travel -- follows Clark as he hitchhikes around the country with a coffin to draw attention to the deaths of children in Iraq, Afghanistan and other current war zones. Sher is the owner of Red Eagle Post (a post-production studio.) Visit the Current TV web site to see film:

Kat Kosmala
2006 PI Film Contest, Best Narrative
Linear Progression
Strange creatures! Beautiful animation! Grass! What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Such conundrums abound in this charming traditionally drawn and digitally painted short. Simple but rich in its design, and with a dialog track of only grunts and sighs, animation proves itself once again to be the universal story-telling language.

Linear Progression has won several awards since Pura Inspiracion including Best Animation at Hollyshorts, Veneration, Pencilheads Dusk 'til Dawn Animation Festival, and Woods Hole Film Festival, as well as winning the Ai Showcase at Dam Short Film Festival. It has screened at over 50 film festivals. Currently, Kat is working
as Supervising Animator at Animax, an LA based Flash Animation studio. A new film is in the works, but won't be finished until next year. For a list of screenings, visit:

Check back for more winners' updates as they come in.

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