Monday, April 23, 2012

Arizona Filmmakers and Reel Inspiration finalists screen at FUSIONFEST

FUSIONFEST: April 28 & 29, Pima Community College N.W. Campus, 7600 N Shannon Rd.
Featuring culturally diverse independent films and topics centered on global issues.

11 a.m. - "Starbuck and the Bandit" by Dick Fisher and Sarah Sher
12:30pm -Film Discussion with Elhad Ndoye
"The Forgotten Children-Focus on West African Culture"
 2pm - "What You Need" - Film by Nickolas Duarte
2:30pm- "Deseo" – film by Richard Wyland (Q&A by Ty Matthews)
3pm - "389 Miles: Living the Border" by Luis Carlos Davis

11am - "Vicenta" - Film by Angela Soto
12:30pm - Reel Inspiration Contests Finalists:
"The Mysterious Mystery of Something Important" by Jacqueline Véissid, "Solace" by Bill Kersey, "87 Topaz" by Bill Kersey, "Garpenfargle" by Bill Kersey & Edward Kim, “Somebody Loves Me” by Derek Griffith, "Morning Submission" by Justin Mashouf, "Just Coffee" by Roberto Gudino, "Linear Progression" by Kat Kosmala, "Not to be Toyed With" by Hal Melfi and Steve Bayless, "Have Coffin, Will Travel" by Sarah Sher, "New York City Spirit" by Muriel Stockdale,
2pm - "How like an Angel" - Film by David Sands & Elizabeth DeVries
3pm - What You Need – Film by Nicholas Duarte

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