Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mark Travis Directing Workshop: "Working with Actors in Rehearsal, Staging and Performance."

Reel Inspiration is hosting an intensive weekend workshop with master directing instructor Mark Travis.

The workshop runs from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on March 21-22 at Artfare, 55 N. 6h Ave. Downtown Tucson, AZ. (third floor) The cost to observe for pre-registered directors and actors is $70 (with a $10 discount for APA, IFP, IFASA and NALIP members.) Students with school ID, are $40. The cost at the door is $80 where only cash and money orders will be accepted. *Lunch is available at a modest price at Artfare's restaurant.

Space is limited so don't wait to register. To get the pre-registration price register before March 16. Interested actors and directors, contact Jana for registration information at 325-9175 or

The workshop is sponsored by Artfare, the Tucson Film Office, APA Tucson Mariott University Park, and Reel Inspiration.

Mark is the author of the Best Seller, THE DIRECTOR’S JOURNEY: the Creative Collaboration between Directors, Writers and Actors as well as DIRECTING FEATURE FILMS. Mark has shared his techniques at The Directors Guild, American Film Institute, Pixar Animations Studios, UCLA Extension, and workshops around the world. Mark is a creative consultant to film directors Mark Rydell, George Tillman, Cyrus Nowrasteh, among others.

Mark Travis did his undergraduate training at Antioch College and his graduate training in Theatre Directing at the Yale School of Drama. Mark’s television directing credits include: The Facts of Life, Family Ties, Capitol and the Emmy Award-winning PBS dramatic special, Blind Tom: The Thomas Bethune Story. In 1990, he completed his first film, Going Under, for Warner Bros., starring Bill Pullmanand Ned Beatty. In 2001 he wrote and directed The Baritones (parody of The Sopranos)as well as the short documentary, Earlet.


Working with the Actor in Rehearsal, Staging and Performance.


Mark Travis will introduce the entire group (8-10 directors and 20-30 observers) to the unique process of working with actors that is called The Travis Technique. This is a powerful and experiential way of exploring and exposing the characters that exist within the actors.

Mark will detail how this process works and why it is so efficient and will demonstrate this Technique by working with 3 or 4 actors.

Areas covered:

(9:00 - 10:30)
This is the Golden Triangle, the heart of every movie. It is the Director’s ability to understand Story and Script and how a script works that is so necessary prior to including Actors. Then the Director has to understand how Actors work, think and respond that is so essential to eventually eliciting powerful performances.

(10:30 - 12:30)
The Director-Actor Relationship in rehearsal and performance. In this section of the seminar participants will learn how to work with Actors to create credible and powerful performances. This is the beginning of The Travis Technique. Participants will learn, in this Master Class approach, how to Rehearse with actors, how to stimulate the character and how to invigorate the relationships and bring each and every scene to life.

(1:30 - 3:30)
Staging is one of the film director's most powerful tools. Used appropriately it can bring a scene to life illuminating the subtext and character relationships. Misused it can hamper the work of the actors. In this seminar Participants will witness the power of staging and see how you can actually stimulate specific emotions with the Actors (Characters) and in the audience. Participants will learn how to employ the techniques that Mark Travis had developed over many years of directing.

(3:30 - 5:30)
At the core of every film are characters in relationship and every writer and director must understand both the psychology of character and the techniques and tools of acting. In this phase of the seminar Mark Travis will take Participants through a wide range of approaches and techniques (all part of the Travis Technique) that are guaranteed to create the relationships, characters and performances desired.


On Day Two Eight (or Ten) Participating Directors will get an opportunity to work on their material with actors of their choosing under the guidance of Mark Travis. This is an opportunity for each director (and the actors) to explore and experiment with the Techniques they have learned in Day One. These rehearsals are an examination of the Process of each director. Each Director gets 40 minutes of Individual time (with the rest of the Participants and Observers watching the Process). The focus is not about the results but rather about the Communication with the Actors, the Effectiveness of Character development and the Efficiency of the Rehearsal Process.


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Reel Inspiration said...

The workshop was awe inspiring. All the attendees were blown away by how well his technique worked.

Some of the directors said it was the best class they had ever taken.

Movie blessings!