Thursday, September 04, 2008


The movie follows the lives and relationships of the staff of Float Ice-cream Parlor. The company slogan is, "It's all about the ice-cream." That certainly seems to be owner Ray Fulton's (Gregory Itzen) motto. He works late every evening and when he finally gets home he is still preoccupied by the business. Ray ponders a possible tomato flavored ice-cream as his wife surveys his wilted garden. His wife asks him repeatedly if he has watered the roses. "Are you listening to me at all?" she laments. He answers, "You want me to wake up and swell the roses." Freud couldn't have summarized the theme better.

Float is meant to be a home away from home. But when his wife leaves him, Ray moves into a bachelor pad with his store manager and an ex-employee that he recently fired. Each of these characters has a problem finding themselves. The slick manager, Gevorg (Hrach Titizian), struggles with living up to his Armenian f
amily's expectations while chasing tail and conducting shady deals. Ramon (Johnny Asuncion) tries to find some semblance of a life after being fired for getting into a fist fight at work. He searches ardently for what he is truly meant to do - whether it's mixed martial arts, a green card marriage or whatever comes easy. Ray discovers that he spent his whole life providing for his family, but in the process he lost track of them and himself. His life has truly become "all about the ice-cream." Now he has all the time in the world to find himself. His new frathouse lifestyle gives him the leisure to do all the things he once enjoyed. The roomies bond, support each other's romantic pursuits, and become sort of a makeshift family.

Writer/director Johnny Asuncion takes on the worthy theme of self identify and friendship. However, some story threads are never picked up. Gevorg is so busy pursuing his first real relationship that he never confronts his family about their expectations. Ray gropes to find himself and reconnect with his daughter, but never touches base with his wife. Was this
omission intentional or the result of a ruthless edit? Perhaps the director is saying that family demands aren't as important as being true to ourselves? You decide...

In the last shot Ray finally waters that rose bush and the rose is flourishing.

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Movie blessings!
Jana Segal

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