Sunday, August 03, 2008

"Brick Lane"

"Terrific! This is a film that reminds you why you love movies. Beautifully acted and written." - Kirk Honeycutt, THE WASHINGTON POST

"A lovely movie! Sarah Gavron is a filmmaker to watch." - David Denby, THE NEW YORKER

"Graceful and tender. Keeps on surprising us, right to the end." - Rogert Ebert, THE CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

Everyday Nazneen scrubs her foggy window pane trying to peer out of her dingy Brick Lane flat. She longs to return to her childhood home of Bangladeshi where she and her sister ran free through the lush woods before her father forced her to marry an older man living abroad. Nazneen has been raised not to question her fate, so she does her best to fulfill her duty to her husband and family. Her husband, Chanu, (Satish Kaushik) does not come off as a stereotypical tyrant but a chubby optimist who prides himself in being a western "educated man." He has instructed his daughters to assimilate into Western culture, yet expects to be treated as undisputed ruler of the household. This irony is not lost on their teenage daughter, Shahana, who disrupts the household by challenging her father. (Naeema Begum is pitch perfect as the average "mouthy" teen.) Nasneen does her best to shield (literally) her daughter from her father's retaliation. But the girls have no role model in their submissive mother. Nasneen's only connection with the outside world is what her husband shares with her. Unfortunately, he has absolutely no insight into the needs of his wife or daughters.Nazneen finally decides to facilitate their trip back to her homeland herself by taking in sewing. The handsome young man (Christopher Simpson) who delivers the garments cracks open a window to the world. Director Sarah Gavron shows Nazneen's awakening through the subtle complexity of Tannishtha Chatterjee's performance.

When 9/11 ignites racial tension in the diverse neighborhoods of Britain, Nazneen must ask herself, "What is my true home
?" Nazneen finds that home is where you find your strength."Set in multicultural Britain, "Brick Lane," is a truly contemporary story of love, cultural difference, and ultimately, the strength of the human spirit." (Quote taken from synopsis on official website.)

Don't miss this breath taking cinematography while it's still on the big screen. Bring your friends to one of the best films of the summer.

Movie Blessings!
Jana Segal

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