Thursday, February 07, 2008


Two RI contest finalists' films, "The Runners" and "Not 2B Toyed With," were screened Saturday, February 9 at the Shorts Fest

Justin Mashouf
was a 2004 RI Film Contest Finalist for his moving film, "Morning Submission. Morning Submission" is a lovely short film about why Moslems pray. Justin spoke at several Reel Inspiration screenings and on Arizona Illustrated. He expressed how important it was to him to share his film to create greater understanding. It is moments like this that make organizing the RI contests really worth it. Justin is still making films that promote understanding. Justin and JorDan Fuller's film, "The Runners," was screened at the Santa Fe Film Festival, the Lone Star International Film Festival, and the Tucson Film and Music Festival, among others. "The Runners," is the story of a Mexican man who crosses the border illegally, marries an American woman, and finds out that the American dream is harder than it seems. Congrats Justin and JorDan!

Congratulations to Not 2B Toyed With Filmmakers Hal Melfi, Tina Huerta, and Steve Bayless for being included in the Shorts Fest!

Since Reel Inspiration's Pura Inspiracion Film Contest, "Not 2B Toyed With," has been screened nationally and abroad including England, France, Canada, Denmark, and our own Arizona International Film Festival and RI's screening at the Oro Valley Arts Fest.

"Not 2B Toyed With," is the story of an obsessive Star Wars toy collector who is about to discover the "power of the dark side" when his nephew invades his perfectly packaged world. 

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