Monday, December 03, 2007

Reel Inspiration update

I have an exciting new development for Reel Inspiration to share with you. I've always felt that for our grassroots promotional campaign to be effective, that we needed an active community -- most importantly attending the movies that sound good and sharing our favorites with our film loving friends. There is such power in that. Word or mouth and e-mail endorsements can make or break a film.

My dream is for our community to grow and become even more active in recommending inspiring, thought provoking films or even taking a stab at writing a RI review. I was delighted to post four new guest reviewers this past month. This is great because we can get more movies reviewed and posted on our blog in a timely manner -- sometimes even before the film opens nationally. This means that we can have an impact opening weekend grosses -- which are really significant to indicating the success of a film to Hollywood executives (who make the decisions of what movies get made.)

Having guest reviewers is also a sign that we we are building a true community of positive film lovers. It does, however, require me to let go of the reigns a bit to let other opinions and tastes be expressed. Reel Inspiration is all about diversity - including a diversity of taste. I hope you will discover and follow the reviewers that express your tastes in films.

Movie Blessings,
Jana Segal
Reel Inspiration

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